CO2 shortage

" 3 factors are driving the shortage, an industry expert says

Three main factors are behind what Paul Pflieger, communications director of the Compressed Gas Association trade group, calls “CO2 tightness.” Two of them have to do with how carbon dioxide is produced: It’s a byproduct of other processes, such as ammonia and ethanol production."

Ironic that CO2 in fermentation in these 2 industries but not beer itself in a byproduct

I just filled my CO2 tanks after reading some of this here on the forum.
Reading the article it sounds like, although the cost to the brewers/us will be real, the reasons appear to be a bit too “convenient” for the suppliers, like a lot of the Increased prices during the pandemic.

I suspect the hard working folks that are retired just aren’t being replaced…

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After reading this did buy to large co2 bottles. 63 cft tanks. The beer suplier here on island. Did say nothing. About not enough co2 tanks. Guess he happy as long you give him cash

Big store heading yer way Wilco….?

Yeah the rumour goes. A dutch beer brewer. Want to do a micro brewery slash bar. Me did walk past the building. Looks like some thing with fluid. The floor has lots of. Drainage run off pipes. And front part they working on a bar.

Ah geez, I didn’t look too close before posting… my apologies… I meant storm…
But, you are thinking of doing your own brewery?

Beer makers face a combination of issues such as inflation and supply chain shortages, which could lead to some beer shortages and brewery closures.

Looks like bottle conditioned brews will help stave off the inflictions…

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I’ve got (4) 20# tanks and (2) 5# tanks. I get them filled at Fire Defense in Royal Oak, MI. Prices are still the same and I get a 10% senior discount so its about $22 for a 20# fill. Last month they hit me with a new surcharge which was something like 30 cents per pound and they said that was temporary.


Glad to see you back on here @mullerbrau