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CO2 Regualtor Keeps Climbing

Happy Monday!

I just kegged my BPAA and placed it into my keggertor to force carbonate. The issue I am having is that the PSI’s on the regulator slowly rise ( Goes all the way up to 50s) even though I have the knobed turned all the way down (I trippled check Im not crazy and dont have the knob turned the wrong way). Any advice on how I can get the PSI’s to stabilize and why it keeps creeping way up?

Brand new regulator? I’d call the place back…
Isn’t it have a back flow preventer?

You can try to clean the diaphragm. You’ll have to do a little more research. If I remember correctly I just took something apart then did a few short bursts of co2 to remove any possible debris.

Mayby one idea. Me work in diving. And on the fill station. For nitrox. We use a one way valve. So oxygen can not flow back. So basically. Pressure stays the same

I had one that did the same thing. It was pretty old and I could not find a rebuild kit for it so I ended up tossing it and buying a new one.

Does it still climb if you leave it on and disconnect the QD from the keg? If so that will rule out something in the keg carbonating the beer.

If your regulator is new or even reasonably new I would try to contact the manufacturer if you can’t figure out what is going on with it. If it is new I would not disassemble it before contacting them or where you purchased it.

Is your CO2 tank nearly empty? I know it sounds strange, but low inlet pressure can cause a regulator’s outlet pressure to increase.


Brand new regulator that I am using for the first time. Disconnected the hookup to the keg and it is still climbing (I can’t get the PSI below 25). I’m guessing it is a faulty regulator which is extremely frustrating because of how expensive the setup was.

I would send/take it back and get it replaced. Brand new should be warranty replacement. It’s just a PIA dealing with it. Good luck.

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I had one that did this every time the cylinder was about to run out. Didn’t go that high but went to 20-25psi

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