CO2 prices

what is a good price for a 5 lb tank fill at a welding supply place???
what about a 10 lb???..some wont do 5 lb…
I was quoted 25 plus a 5 dollar hazmat fee for a 5…I thought that was absurd…
and are those co2 cartridges a feasible way to carbonate small 2 gallon kegs??

I think I paid 21-22 dollars for my last 10lb refill. Sorry never used the cartridge before, but my guess would be no not feasible.

l pay $12 per 5lb tank and $15 per 10lb tank. Never heard of a hazmat fee. Guess that could be a regional thing.

The little CO2 cartridges are only used to push beer for portable serving and will not be capable of carbing a batch.

They also sell CO2 in paintball canisters. Maybe you could check into that.

I pay $10.07 + tax + $4.00 haz mat fee for 5lb

For a 20lb fill I pay $13.50 + tax + $4.00 haz mat fee.


I just paid $21 at Praxair for a 5lb. Went to them because it was their tank and the date had expired. Then had my 20lb filled at a local fire apparatus store for $25.50 Four times as much for $4.50 more.

Look around locally for a fire supply shop. Often they are much less than welding supply and in my case the only one it town that can hydrostatic test tanks so no matter where you take one, they end up with it anyway for test.