CO2 leak

I have this one keg that has emptied my CO2 cylinder that last two times I’ve hooked it up.

When it happened before I thought it was leaking around the lid and the spring didn’t seem to have much pressure so I got a new lid and silicone o-Ring for it. Figured I’d fixed the problem but then hooked it up and it emptied the cylinder again.

I took it off and pressured it up when I got the cylinder filled and it’s been sitting for 2 days. The keg still has pressure…yet the other keg I put on the same line is fine and the cylinder pressure is still fine…

Any ideas?

How old is the o-ring on the gas in post?

It’s new. Replaced them all after the first cylinder purging.

I just took the lid o-ring off and lubed it good, then pressurized and put the keg in the bath tub full of water. No bubbles at all…

Maybe I’ll put a new gas post o-ring on anyway…

That’s the only thing I can think of since unhooked the keg keeps pressure. Maybe it’s a bad disconnect? Also make sure the disconnect has an o-ring/gasket where the top unscrews.

I’ll check the QD again too but I had a couple other kegs on there with no issues…very strange and frustrating.

I had a keg once that had the top of the post bent. It did not seal properly. It help pressure but would not seal.

Did you read this recent thread?


99% of my leaks have been the gas side ball lock. I usually shut the gas off when I’m not carbonating or drinking because these ball locks seem real prone to leaking.


Thanks for your responses guys. All is fine now with another keg on the QD and the ‘leaky’ keg on another QD and reg. Maybe the keg and QD just didn’t mate correctly. I’ll have to keep an eye on it in the future. Frustrating not to find a definitive answer…

I was dry hopping in that keg with a dental floss line running out the lid. It’s never caused an issue before but could be the culprit I suppose.

Oh really… :lol:

On a side note, hope your using mint flavored!