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CO2 Leak only when gas connected

I have a buddy who started homebrewing. He calls me today and tells me that he has a CO2 where he is essentially going through 5lbs every 3-4 kegs. He tells me charged kegs keep pressure once CO2 disconnected. When disconnected tank doesn’t empty.

Easy, right? Has to be gas in o-ring. Then he told me he replaced them…
On all his kegs… and they leak. He’s even tried new disconnects… and keg lube…
Now I’m at a loss. I suggested that he try new o-rings to see if there was a manufacturer error. A gas in o-ring is a gas in o-ring correct?

Any other suggestions?

Time to get out some soapy water in a spray gun…if there is a leak anywhere along the line, with the gas cranked, it will show up. If he says he’s tried it, then try it again…and again.

He’s an HVAC guru so he’s isolated it. Just can’t figure out why the new o-rings aren’t working.

Ok I re read and am attempting to comprehend what I read( difficult because I’ve been watching a lot of College hoops since lunchtime and enjoying craft and home brews whilst😂 ) My leaks have always been around the keg lid/ lid O ring, especially in older used Corny’s that were pretty dinged up. As you stated, he’s tried Keg Lube …but that has solved these problems for me…so yes , it’s clear, it must be the O rings for gas in, or some other mismatch in equipment at that specific point.

Yes multiple kegs that all have leaky gas in o-rings. He replaced all of them and ordered o-rings from the same place in the same order (so I’m guessing same lot number from manufacturer). He replaced the disconnect and the leak continues.
As I mentioned, the only thing I can think of is that there was a manufacturing issue with the o-rings. I’ve never had a problem replacing an o-ring and suffering a leak.

Crank to CO2 up to 50 PSI… First off… it will really seat the lid O-ring… And then its quite easy to find a pin hole leak after… Sneezles61

All the o rings on all the kegs leak? That’s odd. Did he switch the lids on the different kegs maybe the lids are keg specific. Maybe needs new lids. I had some leaks around the posts.

CO2 leaks suck. That’s all I got…sorry…


He should try crystolub. On his orings. Just a bit. Me use sankey kegs. One small oring. Down fall once closed and co2. Finish keg first before open again

Is he using the swivel nut style disconnects, and if so, is he using a nylon washer in there? If he is, the washer could be deformed, and creating a leak there. Those disconnects are typically plastic at the male flare, and don’t require the flared washers.

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Very smart Volty! Once you said that. Bang, the candle was lit in my head… I’ll bet Dannyboy doesnt use them felt washers… or do you? :confused: Sneezles61

Ahhhhh. Homebrewers. We look into absolutely everything despite it being isolated.

The leak is clearly isolated to the gas in post o-ring. He replaced all of his keg gas in o-rings.

I guess what is in question is there bigger ball lock gas on o-rings than normal? I think not. I think they are all the same.

Once again it’s not a lid o-ring issue, a lid sitting issue, etc.

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Pressure… do apply… Kegs are rated to 100… Wait a minute… was thinking ZZtop… :sunglasses: Sneezles61

I used to use the felt washers where you connect the high pressure hose to the cylinder but I went to the white plastic ones a few years ago. I don’t think the felt washers were really an issue though.

I agree with @voltron that the nylon washers are not necessary in the swivel nut disconnect.

Ah yes…the part about the keg and tank not leaking when the gas is disconnected. Ooops. :wink:

Curious what disconnects he’s using. I’ve seen some of the cheaper knock-offs with really bad tolerances and balls that barely locked, and I could rock them back & forth and create a leak.

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Yea if what he tells @loopie_beer is true, “He tells me charged kegs keep pressure once CO2 disconnected. When disconnected tank doesn’t empty.” then the disconnects almost have to be the problem. The disconnect and post just aren’t sealing up.

Prolly should switch to bottling. Lol. [winks at fellow cappers]


True about ball locks leaking. I use ball locks on air tools and have had issues I prefer pin locks simple system.

Yep, I did the same thing last night; totally missed the point of his question. As did others…that’ll teach him to ask us a question again!

Ahhhhh. Homebrewers.( nope. Ahhhhhh ethanol)

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