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CO2 leak in regulator?

I just restocked my gas, and reattached the regulator after filling the tank. When I checked it this morning, I was worried that the pressure had dropped a little too far overnight. I submerged the connections in water to look for bubbles, and found that I’ve got a slow leak coming out of the regulator itself.

I have the Dual Gauge CO2 Regulator from Northern Brewer, bought maybe a year ago.

Looking at the picture, there’s a small hole beneath the pressure control screw. That’s where the bubbles are coming from.

Is this something that’s just set up wrong, or does it need repair/replacement?

Take the 4 screws off and carefully inspect the bits under the main body. Make sure everything is really clean and that there are no holes (that shouldn’t be there) or damage in the rubber piece (baffle gasket) or other parts.

You can replace the internal bits if you need to: ... r-kit.html

I fixed a climbing pressure problem with my nitrogen regulator by taking it apart, cleaning, and reassembling.

Good luck.

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