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CO2 gauge

I recently built a spunding valve to keep priming in kegs under control but discovered the low pressure gauge I had on the shelf is sprung. So I am getting a few goodies from NB because their prices are decent, shipping free over $40 and to say thanks for this forum.

I can’t find a low pressure gauge on the site. Tried the chat to ask only to discover all it does is send an email. Bummer. Also Fast Pitch is out of stock again, same at Midwest. Bummer 2.

Waiting for reply. Might have to call since it’s hard to believe they don’t sell one.

So if I read correctly, you are wanting to know what pressure your spending valve is at?
Somewhere I read to use a tire pressure gauge to set up the PSI’s… Some how you couple up an air compressor to " inflate" the keg on the liquid side… Keeping an eye on about 10 psi… And having the sounding valve on the gas side, you’d adjust it to coincide… Seems simple and easy… I never did that with my stuff… In fact… I tried them once… Now they sit in a tote…

EDIT: damn auto correct… You’ll many variations of " spunding" up there…:roll_eyes:

The valve is marked for the pressure but it is pretty small so I’m not convinced with the accuracy. In other words it could be 12, maybe 14 or whatever. After getting some way over carbed beers when priming I thought the spunding valve would do the trick. The build I used online included a low pressure gauge and I had one so why not? Why I saved a busted one I do not know.

They are about a $10 item and I needed about a buck to get over $40 for free shipping. I’m sure I can find something if they really don’t sell one and I can get one on Amazon.

While we are in Florida I ferment warm with Kveik yeast and it stays warm until it flows through a jockey box so force carbing doesn’t work well. I have also been bottling with the Flars Domino dots method in PET bottles. I forgot what a PIA bottling is but somehow recruited my wife to help.

Never mind I found it. Regulator Gauge - 0-60 psi RHT

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