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CO2 distributer issue?

I just built a new keezer, and it can hold up to three kegs. I got a 3 way co2 distributer, and it was working really well for a little while. All of a sudden I am not getting any pressure into my kegs. When I let gas into the distributor there is no noise, but as soon as I open any of the valves there is a loud, groaning noise that seems to be coming from the distributer. Almost, no gas gets to my keg(s). I’ve checked the system several times for leaks and I’m not finding any. My local homebrew shop said the distributer could possibly be clogged. Does this sound correct? Does anyone have any other suggestions?

I’d follow the gas path. Start with the regulator. Makes sure you have good flow out of it. If it does then check each of the manifold discharges. If all three have poor or no output, check the gas inlet connection for blockage. You may need to remove the hose barb and discharge check valves to make sure the gas passages are clear.

This happened to me recently on one then a second line out of the distributor. Also ended up losing a full cylinder of gas. I’m going back to “y” s in the line with check valves. Simpler is better is my reasoning.

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