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Co2 cylinder question?

thanks, ill probably end up bottling these first few batches anyway. i should taste my final product before i get to carried away with buying keg and more costly equipment. i might check out a local home brew store so i can actually see what im buy first, rather than just rolling the dice with online ordering.

thanks 560

i dont think liquid would be good, quite dangerous i agree…all compressed gas is in cylinders is in liquid form of course, but no it comes out as gas, the bottles youre refering to should have separate valve sytems for releasing either gas or liquid, to the best of my knowledge. thanks for looking out.


[quote=“a10t2”]The benefit of oxygenating over aerating is that it’s faster, and that you can reach higher DO levels, which may be desirable for lagers and/or big beers. The risk that comes with using oxygen is that without a DO meter you can never be sure exactly how much you’ve added, and it is possible to over-oxygenate and do damage. At a minimum, you’ll need a flow rate meter so that you can at least make an educated guess as to how much O2 is in the wort.

Personally, I feel like the saturation levels reached with aeration (9 ppm for ales, 12 ppm for lagers) are sufficient, and that leaving an air pump plugged in for 15-20 minutes isn’t a major inconvenience.[/quote]

thanks for that information, sounds to me like i will just stick to aerating by hand for now.

I guess I could have worded that better. Duxx is a member of the forum, and the disposable bottles are the kind you get at a hardware store. Same size as the disposable propane. I tried the wine degasser, aquarium pump, and shaking the hell out of it. Might as well try oxygen too. I can’t say that I’ve noticed a big difference in any method.

oh. i see. well thats where all the fun in this is right? experimenting?

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