CO2 and Regulator went in the lake

We were unloading the boat at the piers and someone dropped my CO2 tank into the lake. The pressure gauges all had water in them.

Is there anything I can do to make sure it’s ok? It’s not the cleanest lake water either so how can I make sure it’s all out of the gauges and not in my beer?

I think everything will be fine. Here’s what I would do. Remove the the covers from the gauges (they either unscrew or snap off) and get as much water out as you can. Be careful not to bend the needles. Then hook the regulator up to your CO2 tank and blow out the gauges. Put everything in a zip bag with some rice for a couple of days. The rice will absorb the remaining moisture. That should be all that is needed, but if you want you can also disassemble the gauges too. Not that hard to do.

Good thing it happened after we kicked the keg! It was great beer!