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Clown Shoes

OK, previously posted about “Vampire Slayer”

2nd beer I have had from Clown Shoes was “Hoppy Feet”

Also impressed with this beer. It reminds me of Stones’ Sublimely Self Righteous Ale.

Smells of hops 1st, and chocolate malt 2nd. Has a really oily mouthfeel, and although it has a lower IBU than Self Righteous it seems as if it is more.

Great black color that is really deep purple held up to light. Has a chocolate smell and taste that is really like stone but the hop bite is greater, after the swallow it is like a 3 combo karate kick to the back of your cheeks.

If you like Black IPA’s then this is definitley worth seeking out. If you don’t like Black IPA’s then it is still worth a try.

Its been some time since I had some, I dont even remember which beers I had, but they were deffinatly really good. DOIng some really nice hop beers

Good beer…I’ve also tried their bigger version of this Hoppy Feet 1.5. Basically like turning up the bass & treble…

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