Clown Shoes Brewery

Anyone tried any of this brewers offerings ? I tried their "Tramp Stamp IPA " last week
and loved it. A friend of mine told me he tried one a while ago (he couldn’t remember which one)
and he said it tasted like “armpit” . I know, not a glowing recommendation, but as much as I enjoyed
this brew, there was an “earthy” taste to it (which I liked).

Just wondering if that taste was the hops, the yeast, both or neither. Anyone have any comments ?

Im def a Clown Shoes fan. I’m not sure what your buddy meant by armpit or what one he tried but I think its probably relative to his own tastes. I’ve had their Tramp Stamp, Muffin Top, Brown Angel, Blaecorn Unidragon and Vampire Slayer. My fav. types of beers are Belgians and Wheats and i found those two to be top notch. The imperials were good and the brown was nice but they weren’t my fav. types of beer so i’ll admit I didn’t enjoy them as much but they weren’t bad by any means. And my local craftbrew shop can’t keep the stuff on the shelves. If you do get around to trying it let me know what one and what you thought, i haven’t heard anyone say anything negative about their brews yet.

It’s not a brewery. It’s contract brewed at Ipswich. Had the Miracle IPA last week and thought it was really good.

Probably never see their beers in Texas, but I like the names and labels!

I’ve only seen the Hoppy Feet, Eagle Claw Fist, and Clementine bottles at a Flying Saucer. I’ve looked for it on the shelves but have had no luck.

[quote=“mvsawyer”]I’ve only seen the Hoppy Feet, Eagle Claw Fist, and Clementine bottles at a Flying Saucer.[/quote]Not a place I usually frequent, but maybe I’ll stop by and take a look next time I’m north of the river.

Just checked their beer list for ya…No Clown Shoes :frowning:

I’ve tried all their beers, and loved every last one. my favorites are Hoppy feet 1.5 and muffin top.

Clown Shoes makes some really GREAT beer. Tramp Stamp, to me, tasted quite hoppy of course, with lemon and tangerine notes. This is all from the hops. I figure they likely used Amarillo or Columbus, perhaps even Sorachi Ace which is a lesser used variety. Stuff like that. It’s the hops that make it good. Well… not to mention the malt and the yeast. But primarily the hops I think.

If you like Clown Shoes, you should try Ipswich Ales. Clown Shoes is contract brewed by Mercury Brewing in Ipswich, MA. They make a really good IPA (Ipswich IPA) and their 2012 Five Mile Hop Harvest IPA was really fantastic. I got a case of the bombers directly from the brewery. They are in the process of moving to a new larger space and will also have a brew pub on site in downtown Ipswich.