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I just had a bottle of Clementine White Ale from Clown Shoes last night and was impressed by the flavor/aroma of clementines as an ingredient. I’m thinking of brewing a batch, but with a more subtle clementine presence.

My question is how do you quantify the amount of clementine to be used and would you use just the zest and avoid the white pithy part?

Also, would this be something to try in other Belgian ales such as a saison, blonde or triple or has this been done in some commercial beers?

Ditch the pith. I like a bit of orange in pale ales, but the stronger the other beer flavors, the more zest you’ll need before you notice it.

Making a tincture with vodka and clementine peels while the beer is fermenting and then adding at bottling will allow you to dial in the citrus character.

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