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Clearing Beer in the Keg

Brewed first AG batch, IPA mostly Golden Promise. Did not use any Irish Moss or the likes. Beer just seemed cloudy during vorlouf but figured that was just AG brewing and hoped for the best (74% eff.). Primary fermentation went great, still cloudy. Racked to secondary, still cloudy. 3 weeks later still cloudy. Kegged batch. Forced carbed at 30psi for a day and a half. Pulled a sampler and it was cloudier than hell. Researched a solution, need confirmation.

Here’s the question: If I bleed off the keg, lower the psi to 5 or so, just to seal keg properly, wait for “Isinglass” to arrive in 5-7 days in mail, add Isinglass to keg, wait 2-5 days, can I expect clearer beer with this approach? Should I change up my strategy? Clear beer is important to me ascetically.

Also: Any tips in the future for producing clearer beer other than the standard Irish Moss (and similar products) I’m more concerned with brewing PROCEDURE advice vs product advice, generally speaking.

Thanks Anyone and Everyone for your thoughts and advice.

Brew On!

Cant say from isinglass, but just plain gelatin while in keg usually does wonders.

Any reason you are agianst irish moss? I have been useing that along with cold crashing. I place my primary bucket into the chest freezer after fermentation finishes for a week or two, then rack it into my cold keg and force carb. My beer also gets more clear every week its in the keg.

I’m not against Irish Moss, I’m just aware I need to use it and was hoping for more advice on mashing/conversion/sparging procedures for producing clearer beer. I didn’t want a bunch of Irish Moss responses when I already know to use it. I was hoping for a sort of confirmation that my plan for the Isinglass addition to the keg (after having already forced carbed) seems logical or not.

Also I was hoping for any similar stories of hazy beer with a connection to Golden Promise.

Thanks for the replies so far!

how are you chilling? Are you getting the wort down to pitching temps quickly with a plate chiller or immersion chiller?

Im using an immersion wort chiller, 1/2’’ x 40 ft copper coil. Crashes to pitching temp in about 8 minutes.

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