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What is a decent cleaner that most people use?
I have a keg with beer I have to clean and my brewing equipment.
I’d prefer a no rinse, not super toxic cleaner.

Thanks you

I clean with Oxyclean (unscented) and sanitize with Starsan. Be sure to clean out the insides of the dip tubes with a dip tube brush or by pulling some cloth through with a string with Oxy & starsan. At least the first time anyway. Cheers!!!

I don’t know if there is such a thing as a “no rinse” cleaner. The whole point of cleaning is to rid of the soiled areas on kettles and other vessels. I use PBW to clean my carboys and hosing. Soak overnight and everything is sparkling clean the next day…you will have to rinse though. Starsan is what I use to “sanitize” all of my equipment that needs to be sanitized, and you don’t rinse with this product. I highly recommend the Starsan…but I have had good results “cleaning” with oxyclean as well as PBW. Hope this helps.

One Step and Easy Clean are a no-rinse cleansers.

We might have some oxyclean laying around the house. I assume you just make a big bucket of it that you can soak things in. How much cleaner/water do you use?

Make sure it’s unscented (no blue crystals or any perfume odors) I use 1 Tablespoon per 5 gallons for light jobs & 2 Tablespoons for heavier jobs. A soft cloth or brush may be in order too. Oxyclean definitely needs to be rinsed before sanitizing.

PBW is my cleaner of choice.

I use PBW and B-Brite. I also use B-Brite in my bar dishwasher because it makes the glass sparkle like new and keeps glasses “beer clean”.

I prefer B-brite or PBW for “cleaning.” I do rinse these. THEN I sanitize in Sanstar or Iodophor and don’t rinse.

Just to be clear, are all of the cleaners mentioned safe for kegs and stainless. I heard that chlorine is never to be used on stainless. I just got my keg today and want to be sure.

Genius, besides my equipment i dont have anything dedicated to brewing. Someday…

Back on topic I use oxyclean (sometimes generic sometimes namebrand) and starsan. Instead of using diptube brushes and such I just use co2 to push both through kegs and rinse thoroughly when cleaning carboys.

Bar dishwasher, nice. One more thing to add to the re finishing project in the basement.

I use oxiclean with the blue crystals. I can’t find any without the crystals. I use two big scoops for my 14.5 gal conical. I rinse very well with hot water. It seems to work, I don’t get that slippery feel after rinsing.

I use oxy clean… The non scented comes with those crystals now (actually never seen the scented). I don’t really measure when I use it just sort of eye ball it, doesn’t matter much with oxy clean. I mean it’s like hot sauce… I use that shit on everything :smiley: Small note on oxy it will discolor tubing and plastic if you leave it in too long. Doesnt hurt it at all just makes it cloudy looking.

For sanitizer I use Star San, I usually mix up a 5 gallon batch per the directions and hold on to it for a few months. I check the pH to make sure it is still good everytime I use it. I have really soft water so I have no problems but if you have hard water mix it up with RO or distilled water. Never had it go “bad” but I change it every few months.

Yes chlorine will “pit” SS with extended contact. In a pinch I wouldn’t worry about a short soak then rinse. I’m not sure I would leave PBW in my keg too long either.

In glass chlorine is OK, not is plastic though. A plastic bucket can pick up a chlorine odor/taste.

To clean my kegs I use Dawn dish soap and a (new) toilet brush but only for scrub and rinse right away. One Step before use. PBW on anything that really needs some serious cleaning.

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