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Cleaning stainless steel?

Hello is it safe to use brillo pads on your stainless steel brew pot. Or will it scratch up your pot really badly ?

It will scratch use a regular patch and lots of arm power action

There are some cleaning pads designed for stainless steel. I think Scotch Brite makes one. It is green in color. I use a paste of Barkeepers Friend and a pad of paper toweling for cleaning. BF is available in grocery stores.


Other than getting all trub off the surface of the kettle, its not necessary to scrub a kettle to bright metal. I good wipe with a sponge or green scrubby is sufficient. If you start seeing actual discoloration and a buildup on the metal, then performing a PBW soak may be appropriate. You generally don’t have to do that soak more than every year or two.

Remember, the kettle is on the hot-side of your process and there is no chance of it causing infection.


Bar keepers friend and a soft dish rag is all I ever use.

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Pbw and green scrubby to get the hops off.

John Palmer has an excellent discussion of how to take care of your aluminum and stainless equipment starting at this link:

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