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Cleaning stainless steel brew pots

Hello is it safe to use nylon sponges’s on stainless steel pot or will the nylon sponges’s be to abrasive on the stainless steel?

I’ve used nylon, or maybe it’s just plastic, scrubbies with no problems. The kind the look like a twisted pile of strings. I use a paste of Barkeepers Friend with a damp paper towel for cleaning scorched food.

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I haven’t a problem using 3M nylon scrubbies on stuck on stuff. I will second Flars use of barkeepers friend! good stuff right there! Sneezles61

I had great luck using One Step cleaner on my SS conical. Used it only because it is what I had on hand. Filled it with one table spoon per gallon of hot water. That was a lot for a twelve gallon but worked great. Let it sit overnight and in the morning most of the stuff I could not get out with the scrubby sponge came right off.

Never use any metal scrub pads, especially steel like Brillo. They can scratch (as you can imagine) the SS and leave steel behind that can rust.

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