cleaning question

Is it OK to clean(not sanitize) my fermentor, etc. with Oxyclean and then let it sit around for a while until I decide to brew my beer? Will this just be a waste of time if its too long before I santize and brew? Is it OK to clean then let it sit for a week and then sanitize? Or should I clean the night before and then sanitze the next day before brewing. Thanks.

it’s always best to clean as soon as it is empty so stuff doesn’t dry on, then sanitize as close to filling as possible so no nasties get in.

Clean your equipment immediately after use. Waiting to clean will allow crud to stick to the surfaces and start growing nasties. If it’s been awhile since the last use, give the equipment a rinse to clean off any dust then sanitize.

Sanitize it immediately after cleaning then store it upside down with a carboy drainer or place foil over the top to keep dust, bacteria, etc from dropping inside.

I clean immediately after use and sanitize immediately before use.

I clean and rinse well right after I bottle. I then use the leftover sanitizing solution and take care of the carboy, and cover the top with a sandwich bag and rubber band. This way its ready to go right away when I brew! I’ve never had any infections or off tasting beers (20+ batches in now).

Same here. You can store them unsanitized, but you want them clean.