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Cleaning oil from equipment

I brewed a coconut cream ale where I used toasted coconut in the secondary for a week. I was prepared for oil in the brew, but now I have oil in my carboy, tubing, and other equipment. Soap would work for cleaning, but I’m wondering if there are other options where I won’t have to worry about residue. Right now, I have everything soaking in b-brite. Any help would be appreciated.

You should be able to use regular dish soap detergent and hot water, shake vigorously and then dump and rinse well. The way to avoid having any residue from any cleaner is to just rinse well with warm/hot water.

i use coconut oil for cooking and its pretty water soluble. hot water and a lil dawn

OxyClean will strip off any oils and leave your stuff squeeeeky clean.
For me it seems to rinse better than dish soap.

Thanks for the input everyone. I had my equipment soaking in an oxygen-based cleaner and I let it sit for a week, but I still have a residue. I didn’t want to use dish soap, but I just cleaned up everything with a light touch of soap and that got rid of most of the residue. My tubing is not going to come clean, but that is cheap and easy to replace. I hope that I get a good coconut flavor to make this worth the effort!

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