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Cleaning my bottles

I’ve seen many ways people remove labels from bottles. Does anyone know how to get the painted labels off? My drinks a lot of Stone and they have painted labels.

To much work. Toss em, print big labels to cover the logo or just brew some stone clones and call it done.

Or just get solid colored caps and write a code on top. That’s all I’ve ever done. I don’t even clean the paper labels off, just let them fall off after 3 or 4 uses. Yeah, I’m pretty lazy. And I don’t need to Impress anybody. I understand if you’re gifting or serving at certain types of parties.


Here’s what I have noticed. I love those bottles and just used them with the paint. But before every use, I put them in the dishwasher on the sanitize setting with added heat. No soap, just the sanitize setting. Then one time I put a few in the starsan before filling. Something happened that took me away from the bottling but I left the bottles in the starsan. A few days later I got to bottle and when I took the bottle out of the starsan I noticed that the paint was rubbing off on my fingers. I took the bottles to the sink and used a green scotchbrite pad on them and all the paint came off. So I ma not sure how long you need to leave it in the starsan, and I don’t know if you have to put it through an aggressive dishwasher cycle first. But now all my Stone IPA bottles are paint free.

That’s unsettling. I never worried about starsan, but if it removes paint maybe I should.

I love the no label bottles…no soaking needed…hefty rinsing and brushing…done. I noticed the paint on one of my stone bottles smearing…but then I thought…well it is acidic.

I believe StarSan has some kind of phosphoric acid in it. Coca Cola has phosphoric acid in it and has long been rumored to damage the paint on a car. If Coke can do that, why shouldn’t Star San take the paint off a bottle? A lot of paint strippers at the hardware store are acid based.

I have a good friend who washes and de labels bottles for me. He gets all the free beer he wants. Kind of a no brainer surprised more people don’t do it.

Paint stripper was my first thought to remove the paint. Hmmm that sounded kinda of duh! Ammonia and warm water works pretty good on labels but I don’t think it will remove paint.

I like almost every Stone beer so if I was in need of bottles it would be a good place to get them for me. The bottles look cool but I always wonder how much of the cost is the paint when what is inside is what counts.

I’ve been using 1/2" dot labels from Avery. They fit perfect on the caps and I don’t need to pull them out of the crate to see what beer it is. I don’t really mind the painted labels but after a while the paint starts to wear out and makes the bottles look “dirty”. I’ try the Sanstar and see what that does.

Brewcat, there’s no need to be unsettled. Just because it takes paint off does not make it hazardous. If you think about it, water will take some paints off of some surfaces. Depends on the paint. Perhaps the paint on those bottles is not a particularly tough paint. Star-san does its sanitizing through it’s acidic nature. Perhaps the paint is just susceptible to acidic fluids. It’s likely that vinegar would take the paint off as well.

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