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Cleaning Keg tap

I have recently received two lever keg taps that are in awesome condition. but they both need to be cleaned and I do not know the proper procedure to have this done. I looked online and saw some cleaning kits but it looked like they were all for kegs themselves, not just the taps. I was wondering if there is a cleaning kit for taps only or if the cleaning kit is for both kegs and taps. Also the proper procedure or any inside advise and techniques would be appreciated. I am using them for a business and need them to be clean and properly maintained for health reasons.
Thanks ahead of time for the help.

Jason B ... 4933K.html ... =1&grpno=4

Here are the diagrams for a standard faucet, likely what you have, and a Perlick. Purchase a baby bottle nipple brush to scrub inside the faucets. A soak in PBW/Oxiclean will help.

Plenty of youtube videos also.

I use this: ... B002S3Q4N4

at all times and keep a bottle of StarSan spray handy to spritz it with. Then when changing out kegs, I use Beer Line Cleaner. Stuff works great!

I use hot water with a little oxyclean, followed by a hot water rinse. Works for me, my lines look as clean as the day I bought them.

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