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Cleaning Big mouth Bubbler?

Hello I just have a simple question to people than used the plastic big mouth bubbler for a fermenter? What a good sponge to used for cleaning these plastic big mouth fermenter so one would not scratch up the inside of the plastic fermenter?

I just use a soft cloth and a soft bristle brush for those stupid bubble impressions. :beers:

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When a carboy brush is not enough, I’ve been using the soft scrub sponges - the blue ones, gently. A good soaking with PBW dissolves most anything with no scrubbing at all.

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For plastic I would use a regular washcloth. I wouldn’t use anything that would risk scratching it.


I use a regular dishcloth.

So I have the small mouth better bottle(s)… I will, from time to time, use my carboy brush. I get about 2 gallons of hot PBW, lay it on its side and push the brush in there… Gently, agitate the crud, the roll it a quarter turn, let it soak and repeat… I know… they are going to infect a brew sometime with this regiment… I do the same on brew day, but no brush and its star san then… keep rotating and shaking it… Sneezles61

Rinse with water clean with a soft cloth. Than use some bwp. All done

I use the keg washer; my wife calls it “The Keg Bidet”
A sprinkle of PBW and a bit less than a gallon of water cleans the BMB nicely.

I typically set up to transfer both 6.5 gal carboys to kegs the same day. I have a carboy washer like @jmck that I use for my standard mouth carboy and while that’s running, I use a paper towel folded up to wash out the inside of my BMB with a bit under a gallon of PBW solution. Mine is glass but it should definitely be soft enough for plastic. Once I get the BMB cleaned and rinsed, it’s time to swap the PBW solution out of the carboy washer and set it up for a rinse cycle on the standard carboy. I used to do them both on the keg washer but found this was more efficient and the BMB is so easy to clean that I can do both essentially at the same time.


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This is my fav part of those keg washers. A little bit of water and PBW. I’ll clean 5 or so kegs in one cycle.

This is also why I developed a CIP for my three conicals. I was hemorrhaging PBW. Now a couple of gallons of water and PBW along with 20-30 mins cycle gets it done. Rinse, sanitize and I’m good to go. It used to take 15gals of water, enough PBW, and an overnight soak. Then, rinse sanitize the next day… ugh.

I hear some of the peeps have the CIP set up at over a 100 psi’s… That should blow the gunk of easily… Sneezles61

I would like to add: Make sure your PBW or other preferred powdered cleanser is fully dissolved before you go scrubbing away. I had some oxygen wash leave scratch marks at one point because it wasn’t dissolved.

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