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Cleaning Aluminum

[attachment=0]kettle.jpg[/attachment]I didn’t brew on my system for a while this winter, and I left my copper IC in contact with my aluminum 10G brew kettle. The pic below is what is on there, I tried scrubbing with Oxy and it is pretty stubborn. I recently brewed an American wild ale and it does have a sort of band-aid phenol that is hopefully just an intermediate compound (I did use campden), and I’m wondering if its not an intermediate compound, could it just be from the kettle.

-What is the best way to get stubborn stains off aluminum? I know when other metals (such as copper…yay. are placed on/near aluminum, it can corrode).
-Could this have caused my off-flavor? I should mention that I also mash in this vessel, BIAB.

I’m wondering if it may just be time to replace it.

Did you clean the chiller also ?

Not particularly vigorously. Just a light scrub and boil with the wort…

Is there a preferred method for cleaning copper? Typically I will just pressure-spray it after use to get any hop matter off it and scrub with a brillo if necessary.

You are correct about copper corroding aluminum . I was wondering if you made sure you got the corrosion off the copper before you put it in the wort. I would think a scrub were it made contact would clean it off then maybe boil it in water in the pot for good measure. Unless there was a ton of it on there I doubt you would taste it but who knows. Either way its probably all gone now so it shouldn’t be a problem going forward . Put it in a plastic bag first then store it in your pot next time.

Same with the stain in the pot itself, or is this a problem? Just wondering if I should make a purchase of a new pot at this point, or if I boil (the pot and the chiller) in a 50/50 water/vinegar solution, if it would remedy the problem (like a carbon stain).

Good point about the vinegar. That’s what’s recommended for corrosion in coffee pots. Corrosion is on the surface its not embedded . You don’t need a new pot unless of course you are looking for an excuse.

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