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Clarity issue

I have a batch from liquid extract that has been t in the fermenter for about 2 weeks. I pulled a sample to check with the hydrometer and it is not very clear. What is my problem? Does it need to sit longer. I have had it in a homemade swamp cooler to 65-68. Thanks DRS

It will often take longer for a beer to clear. There’s many contributing factors such as yeast choice and kettle finings. In addition, if you can find away to get cold crash it and add gelatin, it will assist in clearing.

What yeast strain are you using? Did you use any kettle finings?

It was a Cooper’s Cerveza. I used the Safale US-05 dry yeast. I first added the yeast that came with the kit and then discovered it was out of date so then I added the second yeast. Got good foaming action during fermentation. Would it hurt it to set in the fermenting tank longer?

Let it set. More time in the fermentor is no problem. Three weeks minimum for me. It will clear up.

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Thank you Sir. Should I keep it at the cooler temperature?

Warmer place would be good for a week and then you could cold crash for a few days…us05 always takes awhile to clear for me…usually 4 weeks.

Thank you.

I’ll have clear beer fermented with US-05 in three weeks. This is in the primary fermentor. Ambient temperature is 68°F in the winter and 66°F in the summer. Letting the beer rest at the ambient temperature after the fermentation is over is the simplest least worrisome method.

An ambient temperature of 70°F+ may require an extra week.

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I do let it stand longer. Use two fermentors. 1 fermentor. 8 days. Than transfer to second. Take a abv reading dryhop. And let it stand for 4 to 6 weeks. Comes out clear. And a abv of 1.010

Get some Irish moss. I don’t think the kits come with it. Chill fast and strain

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If you are bottling, it will also clear in the bottle given enough time. There are lots of choices for fining agents. Take a look at NB’s site. The most simple is just time. Second is cold crashing. Just get your beer as close to freezing as possible and wait. Then when serving it helps to have it slightly warmer. Search chill haze for more info.

I use Whirlfloc the last 15min of the boil. Then cold crash when it’s done. If it’s still cloudy I use an opaque glass. :wink:

Thank you. So should I go ahead and prime and bottle and then try the cold crashing if it is still cloudy?

You can cold crash in bulk (which is basically what people are referring to when they say cold crash), or you can bottle, let it carb warm(at least 70*) for a couple of weeks, then after they’re carbed, put em in the fridge. Then you’re cold crashing in the bottle. You’ll just have to be careful when you pour to leave the sediment in the bottom of the bottle behind. That’s what I always do.



Indeed it does not come with the kits. I do add irishmoss. 15 min before end of boil

And another way, when in bulk is to cold crash, when cold use a gelatin mix, add to yer cold brew wait a few days then rack to yer bottling bucket. Sneezles61

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