Clarifying melomels

I made two fruit additions to two one gallon meads that have completed their fermentation. Prior to the additions I stabilized the meads. The dark cherry addition produced a nice red color and most of the fruit settled to the bottom. The blueberry addition produced an off blue / brown color with fruit tissue layer on top of the settled blueberries. I do have a natural blueberry extract to improve the color come bottling time. My biggest concern is whats the best method to clarify these meads should cold crashing not work? I am planning on keeping the mead on the fruit for two weeks.

How strong is this mead and how long do you plan to bulk age it?

Hi, Thank you for the reply.
I made the BOMM mead which i think will be around 12-13 ABV. I would like to age the one gallon meads until I can taste and adjust the flavor if need be prior to bottling.I also dont know when is the best time to remove the air lock and put a solid bung or cap? When the meads stopped fermenting I added K meta and K sorbate prior to the fruit additions.

Don’t remove the air lock.
At 12-13% you will probably need to age these for quite a while.

Hi, rookie l_a

 The air locks will stay on for the aging process.

   Thank you for the replies.

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