Citrus wheat beer

hey hows it going guys. So I’m brain storming on a beer right now that i want to brew but not really sure how to go about it. Im thinking of doing a citrus type wheat beer but i want the citrus to be a lime type taste. So how would i go about getting that flavor i was thinking of using the peel in the last ten minutes of boil or during secondary. Also what about adding lime juice or cut up limes in the secondary i know i should just try it and who knows maybe come out with something good, im just wondering if anyone has tried anything like this before.

try the cut up limes in secondary if youre feeling adventurous, but i know the peel in the last ten minutes is tried and true
youll get a lot of good flavor from just the peel
i thought about makin a citrus wheat when i first started brewing but that idea kinda just fell by the wayside, so many kinds of beer to brew, too little time
hope it comes out good

yea thanks for the advice. I dont know why just really felt like a citrusy lime wheat beer i think im gonna try both and see which one turns out better. Now i just gotta think of what wheat beer i want.

Sorachi ace won’t give you lime but will give you lemon.

I have an american wheat in primary I just did, with sorachi ace at flame out and 15min hop stand.

sounds interesting ive never had a beer with a lemony taste, ive only had orange and im very fond of lime its just refreshing i suppose