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Citrus Saison

Put this together today using beersmith. This is going to be my first saison attempt as soon as I have an open carboy. any thoughts?

Looks interesting. The 6oz of Honey malt will add a nice little sweetness to it that should complement those Citra hops and contrast the spiciness of the 3711 Saison yeast. That yeast by the way is a monster. If you mash low (148-150F) range, you’re FG will be below 1.010. It will be closer to 1.005 or even lower.

2 things I personally would change. I wouldn’t bitter with Saaz or Tettnanger. I’d use a small amount of a higher AA hop. I prefer Magnum.

The idea of using Citra in a Saison is odd, but sounds surprisingly interesting to me. I’d like to try that. My last suggestion, I wouldn’t dry hop it. I love Citra hops. I love a big dry hop in APAs and IPAs, but I’m not sure that’s a good idea in a Saison… at least not with Citra. Citra is very strong and can really dominate a beer. I’d just keep the late additions and drop the dry hop.

So, I would use something like Magnum for bittering. Maybe 1/2oz or so. I’d then probably blend the Citra, Saaz, & Tettnanger and add maybe 2-3 ounces over the last 15min of the boil.

Again, just what I would do, but it’s your beer. Go with what you have and see what you get.


Alright thanks for the tips! I might cut the dry hop and use the magnum for bittering. I am drinking a Ommegang Hennepin right now and its got me real excited for this brew.

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