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Citrus IPA

Been noticing that this year many breweries are dealing citrus IPA s. I’ve been visiting in CO and have enjoyed ska breweries hopamonius mandarinas and a also new Belgian citradelic. I have two buckets of IPA fermenting while I’m away and plan on tossing some zest into one instead of or with my dry hop charge. Anyone do this? Love to hear about it. :smiley_cat:

Sure! I think it’s a great way to complement a hop variety that already has some citrusy notes. I’ve done cascade and grapefruit zest, orange and centennial, and lime with motueka. Just the zest, and I like to try to keep it subtle. Zest from one grapefruit is pretty strong. One to two oranges is noticeable, as is 2 limes. I’ve done up to 4 limes and it can border on furniture polish.

Which makes a bigger impact:

  • adding zest at or just before flame out on the boil?
  • adding zest during fermentation?

Assuming the same type and amount of zest.

Just at the end of fermentation, I think. Reason being that the aromatics are very volatile, and adding them at flameout can drive a lot of the essential oils out from the heat. However, it has the advantage of sanitizing the zest when added at flameout. I wouldn’t boil it, though.

Adding at the end of fermentation introduces the slightest risk of contamination. However, the alcoholic environment, coupled with a decent amount of IBU, should take care of most microbes that might be in the zest. The risk is there, though.

Ive added zest to wheat beer at flamout and it worked well. Since this is already in the fermenter it will be added to it after a grain alcohol soak. After a few days I’ll keg. If it needs more I’ll put some in the keg

Well I’ll be doing this again. It came out great. I did the zest of two large navel oranges in primary after bulk of fermentation was finished . Pulled it and added cascade to the keg. This keg is getting drained pretty fast.

I thought citra delic tasted like cat pee…but I’m sensitive to citra :grinning:

No citra hops. Chinook cascade and orange zest.

New belgiums you silly brewcat.

OH sorry. I’m not a citra fan either but the boys just bought me a pound and asked me to brew up a citra IPA. I’m not going straight citra probably cut it with some amerillo.

Good idea…I bought a pound of Australian galaxy today and about crapped me self when I saw it was $41.

I’m not going to ask where you bought those, but if you shop around you should be able to find galaxy pellets for about half that price…

I agree. Got to shop around for those pound hop buys.

I sent them to the local shop for the citra $26 for the pound. I usually buy online when someone runs specials.

Lhbs :unamused:

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