Citra hops with very low alpha what to do when dry hopping

I ordered some a bunch of pounds of hops without really paying attention to the alpha. Well the citra came in at 3.4 alpha vs 13.2 from other suppliers. I add some citra during whirlpool and some dry hopping post fermentation. I know how to correct quantity during whirlpool (185F) to get same alpha, but how do I correct during dry hopping.

Wicki says alpha is wt % of the alpha acids relative to total weight of the hops. Looking at the other oils percentage, the alpha seem to be the major component in hops. So based on this, I should dry hop with 13.2/3.4=3.8 times the amount of dry hops normally used when hopping the 13.2 alpha hops. This assumes flavor from dry hopping correlates with the level of alpha acids. I have no basis for this assumption. Further alpha acids do not isomerize into bitter components at my cold dry hopping temperature. I dry hop IPAs now in cold crashed kegs using muslin sacks and hop hangers.

So besides not buying the 3.4 alpha citra hops in future, what would you all do??? I looked in scott janis to no avail :frowning:

I think this is a product of more testing now. They used to assume all Citra hops were a certain percentage. Now with more aggressive testing, they have determined that individual crops/seasons/areas of production have significant variance, which makes sense.

Your math seems correct, you will need to use more Citra hops to hit your goal.

Edit: ……or then again, it may be a typo! :joy::joy::joy::roll_eyes:

Hey as I was getting ready to weigh out over 5 ounces of Citra to dry hop, I thought man this does not make sense…could this be a typo??? So I went to hop alliance website, texted Brian there, he got back to me in two minutes saying it was a typo true alpha 11.5. Thankful he got back to me so quick!!!

Wish I had know that before I added citra hops at whirlpool :frowning: Live and learn

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I was about to say, there may be a typo on the package… But even if over DH-ed, the aroma does fade… now the bittering charge is a horse of another color.

Be aware that Yakima Chief Hops is now selling ‘American Noble’ hops which are your typical American high AA% hops at a much lower rate. IIRC it’s targeting typical noble hops and replacing them.
Edit: although I’m not sure if these are available in smaller amounts for home brewers.