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So a friend. Did give me some cider. He makes his own my wife likes it. So now she wants me to make a small batch for her and my daughter. Think give it a try. Any good recipy around. And how do i make this. Got to do some research


Cider can be stupid easy to make, or can be a little technical. You keg, which can make it easier. A few questions:

Do you want to end up with sweet cider or dry?
Flat or fizzy?

I do dry, fizzy cider and it’s literally dump, pitch, wait, and bottle. No boil, no nothing. Feels like cheating. Plenty to read on the Cider section of this forum.

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Personaly not my thing. Make it easy as possible. So she is happy. More a sweet cider i was thinking. Yeah been reading. About it. Seems to simple. Maybe i do overthink

Its just as easy as uber said…dump pitch wait bottle…for dry cider.

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Will do will send shoping list. For appeljuice. Not the healtystuff. But that kind you buy at the health store. With no artficial flav. But been reading you got to make small starter. Got by acident one pack of champage yeast at home dont want to mess with fresh appels

It’s not just the artificial flavors you want to avoid, it’s potassium sorbate. The other thing you’ll want is some yeast nutrient, as apple juice is pretty nutrient deficient for yeast. It helps avoid some of the sulfur you can get in cider.

Any yeast will pretty much be just fine, I would save the champagne yeast for bottling a really big beer. Saison works nicely, especially since it can handle the warmer temps. I have one going right now with harvested Kveik yeast… looks promising so far.

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See if i can get some yeast nutriens. Before i start my cider. Yeah did haversted. Some kviek yeast. It looks pretty good. Gonna use it next wedness brew day

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