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Cider yeast brewers best or safcider

Bought a brewers best cider kit. I picked up Safcider and some ld Carlson yeast nutrient. I know the kit comes with yeast and nutrient but I don’t know anything about it. Haven’t used either though but always liked other fermentis yeast. Should I pitch what came with or rehydrate the Safcider and add nutrients to the cider. I’m not sure if I can rehydrate the included yeast with nutrients in it or if it doesn’t matter.

Think I found information on the yeast on AIH website. Looks like you can rehydrate like normal. Only thing that seems strange is it says make sure yeast temp and must temp isn’t more than 50°. Seems like a lot.

In truth, just about any yeast will work just fine in cider. You don’t need to rehydrate in my opinion.

I wonder if the 50 degrees quoted above is Fahrenheit or Celsius. Personally I ferment my ciders close to 50 F and would not recommend doing so at 50 C!

Also personally I don’t use any nutrients but I know most cidermakers recommend it. Poo on them. My ciders are better than theirs. ;D

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