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Cider seasons coming

Sitting on the front porch watching my apples getting red has me daydreaming of cider. Couple ideas I’ve had was to add some molasses to the juice. Maybe age some with some Bret c which I have been playing with. Another thing I was thinking about is making some apple wine with the leftover pulp. Trying to get a conversation going so looking for comments an input

I did some apple wine many years ago, didn’t have much in the way of flavor… I would attribute that to the wine yeast finishing so low… I do enjoy the apple ale, sparkling! HHMM, molasses… I bet that would be a good experiment too… Now wheres Dave Taylor?? Sneezles61

Heh… I won’t be much help. I’m a purist and minimalist. I refuse to add anything to my cider. But don’t let me stop you. By all means, knock yourselves out!

I got some 3763 Roeselare blend that i thought about using in couple gallon or cider this year.

Not familiar with that blend so I had to look it up. Sounds awesome what have you used it in?

I didn’t think it up but I saw some olde tyme NE cider recipe that used molasses.I have a friend who is multi generational New Englander that makes cider with raisons and sugar Rip Van Winkle style. They drink it still. Pretty traditional around here. When I mentioned to them I carbonate my cider they thought it strange.

I love this blend. I don’t talk about my sours much don’t get much chance to. So far found this blend to work in most Belgian styles and lots more did a Flanders red a saison and some wits strongs and darks with it and was amazing. Also done a chocolate cherry stout with it and completely blew me away. You got to give it a try

Do you use as primary or secondary

Really depends on what I’m brewing with it. On the saison I did one of each. The one I fermented with yeast and added to secondary was much better than the one that was pure pitch. And was the same for the Belgian strong and darks . Now on the Wit, Flanders and chocolate cherry stout i just pure pitched in primary and let the roll.

I’m wondering what would be gained with a pure pitch. I pitched my Bret C to and ESB in secondary did a taste today after 3 months and it’s coming along nicely. Dropped another .008 and tasted awesome warm and flat. Gonna let it go a bit more then bottle

With the Wits pure pitched it has a nice tartness, cherry with a hint of sherry on the end. The sour not over whelming and a nice dry finish. In the Saison with yeast and Roeslare blend it’s had a cherry/cramberry tartness not as pronounced as the Wit had good back bone of saison yeast taste finished dry with a sherry ending. The chocolate cherry stout was pure pitch. Was tart cherry pie up front then mild bitter chocolate sherry and coffee and toffee notes at the end.

I was thinking of just pushing another beer into my Brett keg without cleaning do you think that would work

If it is to be a Brett, I wouldn’t worry… Something else… you may like what it does to yer brew… Me? aint gonna happen… see where this trail leads you… Be careful… you may get all your stuff obsessed with Brett, and then you’ll have a hard time undoing that… Sneezles61

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My buddy finally tired of Brett after a few years…never brewed with it…just commercial examples.

I’ve tried some bretts and lacto brews… They aren’t in my future… maybe that makes me a left handed… Wait a minute… I am. Sneezles61

I know you like the ESB style. Have you had a ESB with Brett? That’s what convinced me to go for it. I’m not afraid of it . Secondary in the keg should keep it isolated.

I’d try a sample… Sneezles61

When you secondary you don’t seem to get that in your face Brett that maybe your not in with. I chilled it now and Im tasting it but it’s subtle really. Nice and earthy , plays well with the London ale yeast. The London ale took it to .010 the Bret C brought it to .002. It’s dry but doesn’t feel to thin. Next time I’m going to add some flaked oats see what that brings

I will agree, where ever there is sours… Its full blast pickled stuff, or the lacto is so tart yer lips pucker right up tight… IF as you say, there is a hint in the background… I’m wanting to try… I am not a pickle fan what so ever… And there’s a story to that, that is the reason why I’m not a fan of heat and humidity… Sneezles61

I like odells blackberry gose and a Berliner or two.

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