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Cider recipe

Not sure I ever shared this recipe but drinking one now from 2019 aged very well


Looks good BC. The Cranberry juice makes it even more New England like. Why the 60 min boil? I don’t recall ever boiling cider. Just used campden tablets. US-05 is a good idea. I have used wine or champagne yeast and it comes out like jet fuel.

I just dug out my last bottle of cider dated 2017. Still saving it until next summer.

i’ll fix that. I dont boil it I heat it to 180F for 15 or 20 min

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I was actually on Cape Cod a couple weeks ago to get some fresh cranberries but was a week early for the harvest. I would like to try this next time with fresh cranberries crushed with my apples.

I might scale your recipe down to condo size and try it. Have to be all grocery store ingredients except the yeast. Not too many apple orchards or cranberry bogs in these parts.

You could do that. The thing about store bought juice is its kind of single dimension. So the raisins will help. I might try buying some store apples and mash them up with the skins on and rack onto them. Depending on how tart you like it you can adjust the cranberry.

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