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About a month ago I snagged some cider from an orchard we went to and pitched some Wyeast 3787 into it without reading the label on the cider. Turns out they used potassium sorbate as a preservative…so my yeast didn’t do anything. So I read around on the net a bit…removed my airlock for a few days and swirled it every day…still nothing…so i let it sit…and then i was like wtf mates…so i removed the airlock for a week and just forgot about it. Took a look at it tonight because i saw something on the surface…and it look like a 1-2mm layer of plastic was on top of the cider.

So I shook the hell out of it and put the airlock back in :slight_smile: What ya think it is?

Would love a pic.

I’ll bet you a Monopoly dollar it’s acetobacter and you’re making vinegar.

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Just a single monopoly dollar :frowning:

If it reforms I’ll snap a pic.

:joy: Sneezles61^^^^

Okay, how about $500 Monopoly dollars. Because, inflation.

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You’re on.

Now you two made it interesting!! Sneezles61

Too bad you didn’t ask here how to defeat sorbated cider. Or if you did, I apologize I didn’t see it.
Sorbate stops the replication of yeast, but doesn’t interfere with the fermentation. So what you needed to do is create a huge yeast starter. I have done it in the past by making a Graf, starting the wort fermenting a couple days before adding the cider. If you don’t like graf, then I suppose you could do it by getting a cheapo nontreated apple juice and making a starter with that.

Wow Jim, you are another of the “go to” peeps here! I like the way you have knowledge in many of the categories… I say thank you! Sneezles61

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^^^^^^^^^:scream: Sneezles61

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