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Cider coming out of gas post

I just kegged my second keg. The first went flawlessly (or as far as I could tell). The second I had cider coming out of my gas post. I didn’t notice this until I removed the disconnect. Could this be caused by the keg being filled too much and the air dip tube being covered?

The post seems tight. I am considering draining a little of it see what happens.

Any thoughts?

Sounds like it is too full. Is it still leaking, or just when you removed the disconnect? If it’s still leaking, your poppet is leaking.
I would suggest cleaning and sanitizing your disconnect. That’s a good place for bacteria to form if any cider made it in.

It is not leaking otherwise.

Through the disconnect, how high up my gas line could cider have gotten? It smells like cider, I rinsed it in a cup of water, but not sure what else to do to clean this.

If you have a check valve or the gas was on when connected, probably not far. You can take it apart with a flat screwdriver, just don’t lose the gasket under the cap.

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