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Chugger Pump head issue

I recently replaced the pump head on my parch pump with the Chugger stainless steel pump head. Since doing so I have noticed that on occasion, specifically during a full rolling boil, the impeller will stop spinning. When it does this, it makes a really great screeching sound. I shut the pump off as quick as I can, ensure the head is flooded and turn it back on. Typically, it will work fine, and may or may not happen again.

I understand that a rolling boil can cause the pump to cavitate, and I have the ability to reduced the flow on the outlet side. The only thing is, I can’t ever remember this happening with the march pump head. Anyone have any ideas as to why it would happen with one and not the other?


Your magnet is decoupling with the impeller magnet. This happens to me when it is getting too much built up crud in the pump. It also helps to put a little back pressure on the pump which can be done by closing the discharge valve partially.

Do you think it would cause any permanent damage?

[quote=“gprix”]Do you think it would cause any permanent damage?[/quote]Yes from the sounds of it. I try to shut mine off ASAP when it happens.

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