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Chomolungma recipe

Getting ready to brew this recipe Monday night. I’m wondering why it specifically calls for a 30 min mash. I’m doing BIAB. So maybe they account for a longer sparge at 165?

The mini mash is for the extract version most likely. I would just BIAB all at the same time

It says mash for 30 minutes at 152 then sparge at 165 then boil for 75 minutes

Yea kind of weird times. Short mash and long boil? When I try new recipes there has to be a pretty compelling reason for me to veer from my process. I don’t see one here. For that kind of beer I’d mash 60 mins at 154, bitter appropriately and boil for 60.

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I wonder if there’s some flavor/color development from the long boil they’re aiming for? A brewer friend of mine told me long boils benefit some beers.

I could see a longer boil but yeah the shorter mash didn’t make sense. I’ll mash for 60 and see if I can adjust the hops with what I have on hand for the recipe to match bitterness for 75 min.

There is soooo much malt for a 5 gallon batch… I suspect they really don’t care about sugar extraction… I’ve got a 10 gallon blonde that uses that much malt!!!
Follow the recipe… Next time give it a longer mash with pH correction and compare notes… Holy moly, that’s a lot of malt… Didn’t I say that? Sneezles61

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I thought so too at first but that’s 1.4 lbs of Munich not 14, right?

8 something total with 2.5lbs local wildflower honey

That’s much better… Can’t see outa one eye… And blind in the other! … :nerd_face: Sneezles61

Remember that recipe was given off a commercial system. Often a mash is shorter due to trying to limit the enzymatic conversion of the malts.

Why would you limit conversion? Sneezles61

So the beer doesn’t end up too dry for the style. It can be difficult, and very LENGTHY, if not near impossible to get thousands of pounds of grain to mash out temps to stop conversion.
So the trade off is to shorten the mash and continue conversion as you run off and sparge.

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