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Chocolate stouts

does anyone have any thoughts on adding chocoloate/ cocao to a stout? What’s the best method? Bakers chocolate at first boil? or Cocoa powder at flame out?
I’ve never used coco before and I don’t want to over sweeten the brew, I was leaning towards 8oz of bakers chocolate in the boil, but I’m easily influenced by good ideas. Got any?

This recipe looked pretty good from Brewing TV: ... stout.html

Other than that I’ve used cocoa nibs in the secondary after soaking them in a shot of vodka for a few weeks. That produced more of a cocoa bitterness and less actual chocolate flavor but it was still tasty.

Rogue makes an award winning chocolate stout and they use chocolate extract. Much more predictable and consistent.

I have NB’s Dark Cherry Stout in primary right now. I’ve decided that I want to add a little bitter chocolate flavor to balance out the sweet cherry extract that comes with the kit. I clearly cannot add any fermentables during the boil; I need to add something to the secondary. Any suggestions? I’m leaning towards unsweetened nibs, but how much?

I prefer 100% cocoa powder at the end of the boil.

+1, I’ve made a couple chocolate stouts that IMHO turned out pretty tasty this way

I picked up some Chocolate extract, but I think I’m going to use some Coco powder at the end of the boil and bump it up with the extract (if it needs it) how much powder should I use for a 10 gallon batch?

My chocolate stout made it to the NHC finals and I used cocoa powder at flameout for flavor and organic cacao nibs in the secondary for aroma. I also think it is imperative to use a vanilla bean to bring out the chocolate flavor and aroma. Simply split the bean and throw it in the secondary as well. If you add all three of those to any stout recipe you will not be disappointed.

I use 4oz of cocoa powder and 4oz of chocolate nibs per 5 gallons.

I use 1lb for a 10gal batch if using straight cocoa powder.

that cocoa powder can leave some serious gummy/sticky residue

:? Never really been an issue for me.

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