Chocolate Milk Stout question...

I’ve got a NB Chocolate Milk Stout (extract) sitting in primary, and has been for two weeks. OG was 1.052. Right now, it is sitting at 1.024. Room temp has been in the low 60’s during the two weeks, which I know is lower than it should be. Temps in the room are now in the mid to upper 60’s. During the first two weeks, there was a good amount of krausen and it appeared that it fermented pretty well, even in lower than recommended temps (no starter was used, just used the smack pack.) Last night, I gave the beer an easy stir, to see if I could rouse the yeast up a bit and see if I could get the gravity down a little more before transferring it.

Can I let this sit another few days, to a week, in primary, or can I transfer it to secondary, even after stirring things up a bit?

Not a newbie, but the first time I’ve brewed this beer, and the first time I’ve used the Northwest wyeast.

I’d leave it on the yeast cake and rouse the yeast every time you walk by. It’ll be fine for another week.

It might be about done, especially if you added the lactose since it doens’t ferment. That style is supposed to be higher FG, lower ABV and sweet anyway.

+1 on Tom’s comment on the FG. I made this kit about 2 months ago with the lactose, and that’s right about where mine ended up.

Mine finished a bit high too, but not that high (1.015). Sat at 68 deg. for 17 days.

Thanks all. I think I’ll let it sit for a few more days, and then transfer it to secondary. It’s starting to bubble up again, after I roused the yeast, so maybe I’ll get a few more gravity points out of it.

Thanks again.