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Chocolate Milk Stout Color Question

Hey all,

I brewed the extract version of the NB CHocolate Milk Stout nine days ago, and took a gravity reading last night. Everything seems to have gone as planned OG: 1.051, gravaty at last nights test: 1.020. The beer had pretty good flavor.

My question is how dark should it be? I guess I was expecting to see something pretty dark and opaque. From what I saw in my sample was something that looked more like a nut brown. Brown in color and I could see through the test tube I was using for collection.

Might I have not crushed up my grains well enough??

THis was a 5 gallon batch, which I broke up into 3 and 2.5 gallons, I did the brewing in the 3 gallon portion and wound up with about 5 1/3 gallons at the end.

Let me know your thoughts.



I bet you are fine. I sometimes look at a carboy and it looks too dark. If you look at the test tube it looks too light. But in a pint glass it looks just right.

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