Chocolate milk stout (cocao nibs)

Hello everyone. Just a quick question about adding the cocao nibs to my chocolate milk stout. I’ve been extract brewing for a couple of years now but am new to northern brewer and bought the chocolate milk stout extract kit. I added the cocao nibs to my secondary as directions said at the 2 week before bottling. After the first 5 days, those chips are mostly still floating at the top of my fermenter. Will they eventually settle to the bottom of my secondary? Not too crazy about getting those chips clogged in my siphoning tubes or actually getting into my bottles at bottling time. Thank You for your time and comments! Mikey642

To keep the nibs out of the siphon and the bottling bucket, cut the foot off a new pair of natural-colored panties and sanitize it and a zip-tie, then pull it over the inlet side of the siphon and secure with the tie.

The panties I like don’t have a foot…
Did you mean pantyhose? :lol:

Yes, panty hose would work better but I guess you could use a thong too since it comes with handy string for tieing it off.

I recently used some pantyhose for dry hopping. After using them several times in the boil. A lot of color came out during the starsan soak.

I suggest soaking and rinsing in water a couple times to remove the dye. I doubt it did anything to the beer. But why add it.

Think outside the box :wink:

Chocolate milk stout? That’s another on the list…

I’ve brewed with nibs before (Sam Adams Chocolate Bock Clone) and they do sink after about 5 days, maybe 6. No worries mate.

Cool! I hoped they do sink. Getting ready to bottle this weekend. I have a really good feeling about this beer! Thank You

I was considering buying this recipe kit as well. Any idea how long this will need to condition to meet its potential?