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Chocolate cherry stout

6 gallons recipe
8lbs pale malt
1lb crystal 80
10oz roasted Barley
4oz pale chocolate malt
3lbs light dry malt extract
2oz northern brewer 60 min
1oz northern brewer 30 min
1lb lactose 10min
1/2 lb dark candy syrup
1084 wyeast

mash 158 for 75 min then raise to 168 for 10 min

starting gravity 1.082 finished 1.020

Fermentation 60/64 14 days
secondary added 2 cans of sweet cherry puree and 6oz of cocoa nibs for 7 days.

It sounds fantastic. If you have brewed it before, how did it turn out?


It is amazing. Even early, but I think will be super amazing with little age. If i can keep myself from drinking it all. Doing double batch this weekend with my new mash tun. Going to keg 5 Gallons and bottle the rest. So im sure i will have some with alittle age on it. If you like a good stout brew it up and tell me what you think

Just giving you all alittle update have alittle age on this beer has greatly improved it. Im guess at six months to 1 year it will be even more amazing. Still vary tasty young but has improved with age.

Thanks for the update, I appreciate it.


It’s amazing what a few weeks of ageing can do for your beer. Been a few weeks and this beer just keeps getting better. The flavors have realy blended nicey and is becoming my favrite recipe i brew.

Just amazing! i try this and its looking great too testy . :smiley:

Any recommendations on if this could be done with an extract kit. Any kit seem to fit?

Also, the sweet cherry puree…is that just canned cherries in water? What size cans? Too many question? :smiley:

I ask because I tried to do this once and it turned out horrible. I used a Milk Chocolate Stout extract kit and a couple bags of whole cherries. I fear the grain had gotten old and was responsible for some of the off flavors…but who knows. It was very harsh and undrinkable.

I have never tried using a stout kit for this recipe. If your a extract brewer you can convert the grain to extract. Now on the cherry puree, no its not cherrys in water. Its 100 % Fruit puree. I used Vintner’ harvest two 49 OZ cans…

Sounds amazing, I am brand new to brewing, how long are you fermenting in the primary? 10 days?

When you say 14 days in the secondary, do you mean you put the Cherry puree in and then 7 days later put the cocoa nibs in?

Last one, when you put the puree in do you stick anything in there to mix it up or just let it do its thing?


Sorry tony not been on in awhile. 14 days primary then rack beer to secondary on top the cherry puree and coco nibs for 7 more days. Just let it do it’s thing don’t mix if you want more cherry taste just leave it on fruit longer

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