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Chinook IPA with Centennial dry hop?

Chilled another Chinook for two days. It’s at the two week mark for conditioning. I think this is the best Chinook IPA I’ve ever brewed. Color is also lighter than the above posted picture.


The Chinook IPA is a great beer. One of NBs best kits from what I’ve heard

The Chinook may take the place of the Dead Ringer as the IPA to always be on hand.

You brewed as described in the OP? Cause that’s a lot more hops than you’d normally use in a dead ringer right?

Either way…change is always good. enjoy it!

Dead Ringer has a total of 5 ounces of Centennial hops. The centennial I was using were 10%AA. The Chinook only uses 3 ounces of hops. Don’t know the actual AA% of the hops used in this one but they are listed at 11 to 13AA%.

Even though the hop fortified Chinook has the extra ounce of hops it seems less bitter than the Dead Ringer with the Chinook hops being brighter in the citrus flavor.

Me love cetennial for brewing and dryhop.

Was looking at the recipe… You’d think the chinook would have more bite as the base is pilsner, not as much caramel as the dead ringer… It must have to do with bittering oils in the the hops thats such a game changer… I may need to look deeper to see why… Sneezles61.

The Chinook uses pilsner malt now ? I brewed it with 2-row

Thats what the extract kit showed… Even the cara 3(?) is a pils based… :open_mouth: Sneezles61

I brewed it all grain. Calls for Belgian cara 8 whatever that is and Carmel 120

Yes Cara 8, in the ingredients section its listed as a Pilsner base malt… 8* L… Sneezles61

Well that’s not the base malt anyway. Not sure that would affect bitterness but what do I know.

Right, it won’t as its so minimal… But the base of it show pilsner… Thats somewhat peculiar… Sneezles61

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