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Chinook IPA Foamy into Primary

I just finished up a full volume extract boil of the Chinook IPA kit. Everything went well, except when I was pouring it from the boil kettle to the primary fermenter, it was extremely foamy. While pouring in the last gallon foam was pouring down and around the outside of the funnel. Is this normal? I just kept filling and let the foam drip down. At the end I just cleaned up the outside with my Star San solution.

Thoughts? No big deal?

No problem IMO. I have one particular wheat beer I brew that does this every time, and it’s never caused any issues for me. I pour it through a double mesh strainer into the fermenter to remove any leftover hop matter and to help aerate it, and it gets really foamy. The only problem is a small loss of wort.

Mine was foamy too. Some foam might’ve been from the Star San bubbles in the carboy though. Not really a problem. Ended up being just fine.

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