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Chinook and Amarillo

Does anybody know if these hops will play nicely together? I was thinking Id like to use chinook for bittering and Amarillo for aroma because Ive never used Amarillo and would like to see how it is. Maybe just use all Amarillo?

They play well together. You could bitter with Chinook, then do at least a couple of late additions with both hops, and dryhop with 2:1 Amarillo:Chinook.

Something like this?

60: Chinook
20: Amarillo
10: Chinook/Amarillo
0: Amarillo

Dry hop 2:1 Amarillo/Chinnok

What kind of IBU’s would I be looking at?

Amounts would be good. Maybe an oz. total at each addition?

Im totally unsure what kind of schedule to make since Im not familiar with Amarillo.

Any advice would be appreciated. I just want Amarillo to shine through.

That addition schedule looks good to me.
What are you making?

That will dictate the amount of hops you should use and the IBUs that you should shoot for. If you want the amarillo to shine than you may even just bitter with chinook and uses amarillo all the way through the finish.

Honestly, I have little experience with only using amarillo on its own, so I don’t know if it would be too much on its own. I have only mixed it with others.

I just kegged 4 kegs of my Chinook PA which I brewed with all Chinook and then dry hopped for 2w in secondary with Amarillo. Then I keg hopped with Amarillo and a touch of Citra for that added punch in the nose. I love it; Amarillo has a type of orangy citrus that works well with Chinook.

Ok thanks to you all for your advice. I think I’ll do this:

for 5 gallons

.5 oz Chinook at 60
1 oz Amarillo at 20
1 oz Amarillo at 10
1 oz Amarillo/Citra at 0

Dry hop for 2 weeks with 1 oz Amarillo/.5 oz Chinook

Anybody think this sounds awful?

Nope, sounds good to me! You could even add a half oz of Citra to the dryhop if you have it on hand - would bring out all the hops in the aroma.

I would swap the flameout Citra for Chinook. Use the Citra for DH.

Awesome. Thanks for the help guys. Its really appreciated.

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