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Chilling assistance with cold packs

Has anyone tried bringing their wort down to pitching temp faster by using sanitized packs of the instant/squeeze chill packs? Wondering about their efficacy.


Id be worried that the introduction of plastic wrapped ice into near boiling water would melt the plastic. i dont know what kind of plastic it is, but i doubt its meant for that kind of heat

I get my wort under 100F with an IC and tap water. Then I rack to carboy, put that in a tub or cooler and add water and frozen ice bottles to the tub. No worries about infection and you can maintain temps during ferm this way. This is called a swamp cooler.

I am probably “doing it wrong” but I fill 3 or 4, 2-ltr PET bottles with water and freeze them a couple of days in advance. Then during the boil I sanitize/ re-sanitize/ re-re-sanitize the bottles of ice and when I’m ready, put them in the wort to cool it down along with an ice bath.

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