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I made a wort chiller from some copper tubing and used It on my last batch and it did a good job. I also had it in an ice bath. The next time I would like to forgo the ice bath, do you think I will still have good results ? Also do you take it out and then whirlpool or whirlpool with it in. I tried that but everything got stirred up when I removed it ? Any tips would be appreciated.

It will work without an ice bath, but it depends much more on the temp of your cold water supply. It may take longer for the temp to get down to where you want it. I have much better luck in the winter when the water is colder.

And for whirlpooling, you’ll have to play with it a few times to see what works for you. In a 5-gallon pot whirlpooling doesn’t do much for me, so I just let the batch settle for an hour or so before I pour it off into my carboy. Because I’m not stirring or swirling, it doesn’t matter much if the chiller is in the pot or not.

Thanks, I put my pot in a bucket of cold water and ran the chiller. Cooled to pitching temp in 25 min. The next time I’m goin to run the chiller and just wrap in a cold towel. I will change the towel a couple times. If I can move the bucket one less time the better. As far as swirling I didn’t bother this time I just racked till it was light enough and then poured through a strainer.

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