I only use a ice bath to cool my brew, but was curious what others thought of this product. I have no experience with chillers yet, but I see the nicer ones are copper and this one is stainless steel. And does the number of coils matter?

Stainless Chiller

I use that exact chiller and it works great. Faster than an ice bath and easier too. I’ve never used copper so I can’t compare the two.

We’ve only used the copper version of that chiller and it works great for our 5G extract batches which have a 2.5 gallon boil. It will cool the batch in 10-15 minutes. Lightly swirling the hot wort with the chiller helps the cool wort get away from the cool coils and chill everything faster.

Feedback is great, I really appreciate it. The other question I forgot to ask was, "Can I hook this up to my kitchen sink and if so, do I need an attachment?

Yes. You can get the faucet-to-garden hose adapter at any big box hardware store. You may also want to pick up an adapter for the male fitting so the female garden hose end will attach to the chiller. Rather than a garden hose, I use braided washing machine hoses that I saved when replacing my washer. They’re only 5-6 feet in length which is perfect from stove to sink.

I prefer copper chillers over stainless because copper tends to transfer heat more easily (quicker) . Either one would be fine though…Tank :cheers:

Although this is true, it is negligible on a 5gal batch. 7bbl yes, 5gal, no.

I got my promotional chiller in the mail. It is a bit smaller than I had expected, but I am looking forward to trying it.