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Chill Power

Hello Everyone,

While the winter here in Minnesota has been nothing short of brutal this year (especially for a Texas transplant), I do feel like I should go on record as saying that one of the possible silver linings to all of this cold weather is that I am able to chill boiling wort to 48* with nothing but tap water and a standard immersion chiller in 20 minutes flat. I just brewed what was planned as my last lager of the season (the German Pils recipe from BCS), but I may need to get one more in before the ground unfreezes.

That being said, the ground can feel free to unfreeze itself tomorrow.

Nice, ya I’m in the same boat here in NH and agree the chilling times are exceptional. That said I wouldn’t complain if my next brew day was 50 and sunny and as a result I had to spend a bit of extra time chilling, at this point I’m willing to make that trade off…sounds like you are too! :cheers:

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