Chili Recipe

As I mentioned in another topic, I used my Imperial Stout in my Chili batch I cooked up this past weekend and it turned out fantastic. Here is the recipe I use when I make chili for reference:

4 lbs round steak
2 cans of red kidney beans
Couple other cans of beans (light pintos, light kidney)
Big Ass onion
As much garlic as you can stand (fresh) at least half full clove
1 bottle beer
Big can of Contadina tomato paste
Can of Contadina tomato sauce
Big can of diced tomatoes

  • Sam’s club chili powder (at least quarter jar to taste)
  • 3 T Cayenne
  • 1 T Cumin
    Bacon 4-5 strips
    6-8 Beef bouillon cubes

Cut round steak into 1/2” – ¾” cubes, smaller is nicer
Chop onion
Garlic press 6-7 cloves

Chop up bacon, put in pan start cooking
Start adding onions, garlic, meat until meat browned, pour into chili pot
Add chili powder sprinkle on top of meat
Pour in tomato paste and tomato sauce and diced tomatoes and beer
Cook 2-4 hours, monitor

I like things spicier than the rest of my family so typically I cut it in half and put their half in the crock pot and my half stays in the pot on the stove. This time I added 2 poblanos, 1 green bell, and 1 banana pepper to the batch before I cut it.

For my spicy batch I used 2 jalepenos and 1 habanero and was very happy with my results.

I also added in some Lawry’s seasoned salt and some Colony sauce to the meat before I added the chili powder, gave a nice extra flavor component to the meat. I tend to tweak this from batch to batch but this was my base recipe from a bud at work.


I have always kind of winged it with my chili. Start with ground beef (or ground turkey) on the stove with onions & chili powder. Then raid the pantry for tomato sauce, paste, diced, crushed whatever. Last get out all the spices, garlic or whatever looks like fun to use. A friend gave me some dried peppers years ago that I still have to use caution when adding them. Corn works nicely to add some color.

Your recipe does look awesome though. I may have to try it for the annual chili cook off where we are for the winter.

My favorite chili variant uses a combo of pork shoulder, bacon, and chorizo as the meats. Add in some corn and black beans, and all the other chili spices, tomatoes, etc,and anything else lying around that looks worthy and you got some good eatin. Hominy is also damn good in chili.

It doesn’t look like you use a lot of peppers. I grow alot of peppers. The sweet I freeze and use them in the chilli. I use some of my dried hot peppers. Fresh tomatoes when I have them. Sometimes I have to muscle out the old ladies at past do produce shelf at the grocery store. Mostly use ground beef bit sometimes ground turkey. Venison makes the best though.

And another reason fer a garden! Nothing will beat the harvested tomatoes, onions, peppers and beans. We do grow our own herbs too! And Brew Cat nailed it with venison! Of course, a nice compliment of home brews! ( Damn, I’m down for a bit longer) Sneezles61

I like to use ground beef, beef round and Italian hot sausage for meat. Then pretty much the same as your recipe.